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I decided that today couldn’t be just another day sat around the house. If my wife could bring up a newborn baby and still find time to get out and do things, then surely I could too! How hard could it be now she is a toddler?! Well the answer is, tricky! Our little lady likes her sleep, and nap time is almost as important to her as breathing itself! A lot of things tend to revolve around nap time which is promptly followed by also dinner time. With the naps and lunch out of the way early I decided to grab some towels and costumes and take Olivia swimming. I called the baths we went to last time to check the times and found out that the toddler pool was closed, so I called another local pool and finally got through after 15 minutes of being on hold and being hung up on twice! As if that wasn’t enough, after being told Olivia would be free to get in, I got there and was then charged entrance for her, and to add insult to injury after finally getting us both changed, I got to the pool side and was told I couldn’t go in as it was full! No-one decided to tell me this at the door when I was handing over my cash, or before I had got my daughter changed. No, they made us stand on the poolside and wait… and wait… and wait. Never again will I be going to Smethwick baths, what a farce! Olivia was fairly oblivious to all this fuss and thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the water and waving at the other children! Eventually she gave in and was completely worn out, so we headed home for dinner and to get her ready for bed. Before bedtime, we had some visitors, Olivia’s cousin came round with Nan & Grandad, and they stayed for a little while to play with Olivia. After they’d gone and Olivia was in bed, it was time to get some jobs done and then tuck into some pizza and a few beers, while I was home alone as Clare was out drinking with work friends.


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