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Olivia’s sleeping habits do make me chuckle sometimes, the sleeping on her front is a new one, that’s only started in the last week or two, but today during her afternoon nap, she decided to roll her self round so she was lying across the cot instead of down it, feet touching one side and head touching the other! It can’t have been that uncomfortable, or she wouldn’t have been so fast asleep! It has been a day where the naps have been short, she’s been tired and a bit grumpy at times, and dinner was something to play with rather than something to eat. I still think she is teething, as she isn’t quite herself lately. She has generally been in a great mood for the most part today though, and we’ve had a lovely afternoon playing together, it really is a privilege to be off work and able to spend this time with my daughter, watching her grow up and learn new things. Her other new trick, which I noticed today, is that when I put her on the floor lying on her front, she has started shuffling backwards. She doesn’t appear to have a huge amount of control over it, but she knows she wants to move, and didn’t stop until she was backed into a corner. Its the first steps towards crawling which we totally didn’t think she was going to do, so on top of the bum shuffling to get herself around the living room, we now have the early stages of crawling, albeit backwards! Life has just changed all over again now!

I was hoping we could go out somewhere this afternoon, but sadly afternoon nap time put the brakes on that idea, and so in a bid to get some fresh air and some sun on my skin, we set out for a walk to the supermarket to pick something up for dinner, and then meet mommy off the bus on the way back, which she totally wasn’t expecting and put a big smile on her face as she got off the bus! I left Clare to give Olivia her bath at the end of the day while I set about working on some wedding photos I have to edit.


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