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The end of a tiring day, and its fairly evident in my eyes. My bed is calling!

Its day two of Daddy Day Care and trying to see how I can squeeze various chores into my day, and it isn’t easy! I needed to take a trip out to Warwick to pick up some items and knew that it would be an hour round trip in the car. I couldn’t risk going after lunch as lunch itself could take a while and we had an appointment for Olivia’s one year check up that we couldn’t miss. So I decided to go in the morning after Olivia had eaten her breakfast and had her milk. She normally has a big nap in the morning about this time so I was hoping she’d sleep while we were in the car, although sadly this didn’t prove to be the case as she only slept for the last 15 minutes of the journey there, woke up as soon as I turned the engine off and then was wide awake for the whole journey back. What should have been a two hour nap was now just 15 minutes and didn’t bode well for the afternoon. After lunch we headed out to the appointment to see the health visitor, which we were almost late for as madam decided her nappy needing changing just as we were about to leave… well, madam didn’t decide, but I did! The smell gave it straight away, her timing was perfect! Thankfully, a quick pit stop and we were back on our way, and just made it in time. The health visitor was suitably impressed and soon sent us on our way after weighing and measuring madam. The whole thing took less than five minutes, so its a good job Clare didn’t waste half a day by taking the afternoon off work to come with us as she was planning to. The rest of the day was spent tidying and cleaning the house ready for my guests this evening who were coming to support me in my first launch party, showing off the new business to them. It all went well and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, which I was pleased about, and I even made a little bit of money out of the night. I have, at this point, say thank you to my wonderful wife, who has continued to trust and support everything I do, regardless of how much she has or hasn’t understood it at the time, she has always been there regardless and trusted me to do the right thing for us as a family. I couldn’t ask for any more support, I really do have the best wife!


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