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Today one of the real draw backs of being a stay at home parent, suddenly became quite obvious, the ability to spend an entire morning getting very little done. Most of my activity seemed to be focused around Olivia’s nap times, and its fair to say that my daughter likes her sleep, just like her mommy! The morning nap tends to be the most significant and can be regularly up to two hours long, and while it does give you the chance to do some bits around the house, it doesn’t really allow you to actually get out of the house much, at least not without disrupting her sleep pattern and resulting in rather a grumpy baby. Well, I say baby, I guess I need to get used to not saying that any more, she probably qualifies under the “toddler” heading now. Either way, I am a firm believer in keeping her sleep patterns fairly regular, and making sure that she gets her naps when she needs them. Yes, its restrictive, but her little body is telling her to sleep, and it knows far better whats going on than I do! So many changes, each day is an adventure learning something new, and continually growing as well, it must be exhausting, no wonder she needs to sleep a lot. I’m just going with it and making sure she gets a chance to put her head down when she needs to.

So when the morning nap is done, then its pretty much time for lunch, and this is another thing I don’t like to rush. I don’t especially like the idea of her lunch going cold, but I am keen to allow her the time to explore her food and not feel under pressure to eat it. I don’t believe rushing a child and forcing them to clean the plate is healthy or productive. I also want her, as much as possible, to try and feed herself, which on top of being a bit messy, can also be quite slow, but I still feel its important. The one thing I am guilty of, is often having the tv on while she eats, as she can sometimes refuse food for no good reason, other than not being interested, and the kids programmes on tv can distract her a bit if she’s in one of these kind of moods.

So, by the time lunch is done, we have a small window before she is ready for her afternoon nap, which can often be an hour long quite easily and take us close to dinner time. It really is amazing how the day flies by, and I’ve got so little done!

I popped out at the end of the day to collect some snacks from the local supermarket as I have friends coming round tomorrow to look at my new business, and I want to have something to offer them. Which is when I spotted todays photo and purchased it. It is a tree pruner, essentially a mini hand held saw with some really angry looking teeth. It cost me a grand total of £2 and when I got to the self checkout, there was no age restriction warning when I scanned it, and nobody checking I was old enough to be buying something so vicious. Okay, so I know its not exactly a knife or a sword or something, but this thing really does have some angry, sharp teeth on it and it could do some real damage, yet nobody seemed in the slightest bit interested. Obviously I didn’t just buy it for the photo, I have some bushes and roots that need removing i the garden, which have proved a bit of a challenge up until now, but hopefully this will help!


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