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My daughter the minion!


So today was the first day of Daddy Day Care, and I managed to come out the other side of it having not broke the baby. I didn’t know what to do with the day, but Olivia having some really big naps in both the morning and afternoon, pretty much made the decision for us, ie we were going nowhere! It wasn’t a day of taking many photos, so today is yet again more of a journal shot, to record to journey of my wonderful daughter on her first year, which is now only a few weeks from coming to an end as her first birthday ticks closer. I want to take all these photos and create something special with them, such as a picture book, so at some point I will have to sit down and spend a couple of hours sorting them all out! While Olivia was having her big morning nap I managed to get out in the back garden and do a little maintenance, cutting the grass, planting some pumpkins and removing a few weeds. The seeds in the greenhouse are starting to shoot up already with the warm weather, they’re reacting really well to it, I just have to make sure I maintain all this progress by keeping everything well watered. We haven’t seen any proper rain for weeks now, which is really nice in one way, but everything in the garden would dry out and die in a couple of days if I didn’t stay on top of it.


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