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Just a short post for Friday as I am well overdue on putting it up!

The morning was spent tending to plants and flowers in the garden to pass the time while the mobile hairdresser was doing Clare’s hair. It was another beautiful day out and so once Clare’s hair was finished we decided to take a drive out in the car to see my mom for a couple of hours. Olivia loves playing with both her grandads, and was so well behaved, as usual. Suddenly its time to head home and get ready for a night out with the wife, while the other grand parents babysit as its our wedding anniversary weekend and we were heading into Harborne for a meal. It was chinese, but not a regular takeaway, this was some fancy place where you eat in, but its not a buffet, the menu was small, but each item had clearly been thought out, and of course the price reflected that! In fact, its fair to say that its the most I’ve ever spent in a restaurant in the UK on just two people! The food was very good though, the service was excellent and the restaurant itself looked very tidy and modern on the inside. It was a very enjoyable evening!


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