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What a turnaround, yesterday I felt like death, a familiar feeling that I have had at least once a year for about the past six years or so, a virus. Usually I am bed ridden for two or three days, and often waking up soaked in sweat, yet here I am just 24 hours later, back out in the garden, doing some more gardening. I can only put this miracle recovery down to the Aloe Vera that I have been drinking, on top of which, I have got my sister on it now, and her IBS which has been almost a daily feature, has pretty much disappeared! To add more good news to the mix, I am now at the end of my Clean 9 detox programme, with today being day 9, and this mornings weigh in is giving me a 10lb weight loss, and the tape measure is telling me that 2 inches have gone off my waist too! I’m rather pleased, to say the least.

With the new fence up, and me not dying in bed and feeling sorry for myself, today it was time to get started in the garden. I wanted to get some weeds up and some plants in the ground. Whilst attacking weeds, I also got into a fight with some pretty nasty roots which have spread all across one side of the garden quite aggressively, and I was not going to quit! I don’t want to get rid of these superficially, put flowers down and then see shoots pushing through from the roots I didn’t remove properly. No, these had to come up, and they have to come up now! I want to be planting things ready for Olivia’s party and not have to touch them again. I’d rather do the job properly once, than do half a job and be tending to it again and again!

I took a break for a couple of hours with the in-laws were round as I don’t see them very often, although I am pretty sure they were here to see Olivia more than me and Clare. They were keen to see the new fence, and the effect it had one the garden, but when they were gone it was back to the grind. I won with the roots, and got rid of most of the weeds. I also got some new flower seeds planted and the flowers I grew from seed previously have really taken off! Hopefully we’ll have these beds looking nice by the end of the summer holiday! Madam was napping when the in-laws turned up, but was soon awake and full of energy. Recently she has really been developing a personality, and it has been lovely with us both having the week off together again to spend with her. I am so glad I get to spend the summer holidays with her, as she really is turning into a little girl now, gone are the days of calling her a baby, our baby is now a little lady!

This evening I went to visit an old work friend to talk about the business to her, as I know she’ll be great at it, and could do with the opportunity. I used to work with her many years ago, when she school we worked at was a very different place. The school has always been about change, and that’s not a bad thing, but with change has come expansion, and more staff. Now it seems that so few people get to know each other like we used to back when I started, as there are literally so many of of us now. I do miss the old days, they were good times!


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