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With the weather forecast looking, well, toasty for want of a better word, we decided it was time to hit the beach. I was fully expecting the motorways to be chaos and full of traffic jams… but no, none of that! We headed down to Barry Island in South Wales, for several reasons. Firstly, it was where the series Gavin and Stacy was filmed, and Clare was very excited about seeing it. Secondly, of all the welsh beaches, it is one of the closest, and a full hour closer than the one I originally wanted to visit. Lastly, I was hoping that other beaches such as Weston, Swansea, and the south coast would have taken the brunt of tourists today, leaving Barry a bit quieter in the summer heat. It turns out I may have been right, we found spaces in the car park, even at midday, and room on the beach to relax! The drive down was pleasant, until I noticed the fuel light getting dangerously close to empty. Well, to be honest it was on empty for the last couple of miles, I had no idea if we’d even make the beach or not. I was confident we had plenty before we set out, clearly I was wrong! I’m not sure if the welsh people have cars that run on fairy dust or something, but there wasn’t a single petrol station for miles! Finally, as the miles on the satnav ticked down to single figure numbers and we finally got to Barry, we found a petrol station at last and were able to fill up. We soon found a spot on the beach and set up Olivia’s new sun tent, to keep the sun off her skin, which was bigger than I imagined, but thankfully quite easy to set up. I was so pleased to be able to take Olivia for her first splash in the sea, which she enjoyed, although sadly the sea was a little too far from where we were based on the beach for Clare to be able to get up and leave all our valuables and come and take a photo of her. The sea was surprisingly warm and pleasant, and made introducing Olivia to it all the easier. I could have quite happily stayed in there much longer, but I was conscious that even though Olivia was covered in sun cream, we were quite exposed out here! We had our little picnic on the beach, in the hamper I had bought Clare for her birthday, and after a little while, decided to head somewhere a little cooler as the heat was getting too much. We soon found a coffee shop and settled down to cool off for a while. Clare tucked into an ice cream, although I couldn’t as I am still on my Clean 9 detox and I am limited to calories for a couple more days. As it was really too hot to do much, especially with a toddler, we decided that we’d take a walk along the peninsula for a bit of a breeze and some lovely views before heading back to the car and putting the A/C on while we headed in the direction of home and looked for somewhere to stop and give Olivia her dinner. I was a wonderful day out and as Olivia had missed some of her naps due to the heat, she slept well in the car on the ride home with the A/C cooling her down. A quick bath to remove any last traces of sand and she was off to bed, leaving mommy and daddy to cover each others rather red skin in Aloe Vera. 7









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