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Well I simply couldn’t have got through today without the immense help I got from my sisters partner Leigh. He worked like a machine all day long to get my new fence put up, along with concrete posts, down the full length of the garden. He took a short break for lunch, and an equally short break for dinner. I tried to help him where I could, and even with that we still only just finished before it became properly dark! So todays photo, is my nice new fence, but in the dark! It has totally transformed the garden and now means I can move forward with getting the garden ready for Olivia’s first birthday in a few weeks time. In between helping Leigh I did get some more flowers planted, so hopefully they will start to bloom in a couple of weeks time, and the garden will look amazing, but what else do you do for a first birthday party? We have a bbq at the ready, a gazebo, music… we should probably include some garden games for the kids, while I think about it. We still have weeks to get all those details sorted though!

After that I sat down with my sister and gave her some information about some of work I am doing from home with the amazing company I work with, to see if she might be interested in it. It went fairly well, and she is keen to come to the business presentation to find out more about the business model, which could be a double bonus as I haven’t managed to visit one myself.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means a day at the seaside for the Vokes family. I’ve made up a checklist, but not sure if I’ve remembered everything, probably best that I get the wife to check it as well! We need to leave on time, which is fairly early, no excuses. Bucket and spade at the ready!


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