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Usually we say that Sunday is a day of rest, but today was definitely not one of those days. I started the day meeting my friend at the local reservoir for a Sunday morning 10k run. Although it was 9am when we met, it was still warm and pleasant already, but with enough cloud cover to stop us from overheating. As soon as I was home and showered we were back out together to go shopping for a new mattress. It was a short trip as we didn’t have a fortune to spend, and the prices of new mattresses can quickly escalate to some crazy numbers. I am sure that experts can argue the merits of such expensive purchases, and as much as I am sure they would give us an awesome nights sleep, we just don’t have the money at the moment. So hopefully we will be able to see an immediate benefit in the new mattress. The process of buying the mattress was quick, simple and pain free, although their upselling seemed a bit brutal. £39 for delivery, and then a further £39 to take the old mattress away followed by £25 for an extended guarantee. So all in, an extra £103 on top, which is 52% of the original price of the mattress alone! I think the guy serving us saw our jaws drop and felt a little guilty and very quickly offered to drop the delivery price to £20, still a little steep for the 2 mile journey back to our house, but cheaper than hiring a van. We decided against the removal of the old one as I was pretty sure the council would collect it for free, or for a minimal charge. Once done with the mattress shopping it was then over to a nearby retail park to pick up a sun shelter and a bucket and spade for Olivia for when we take her for a day out to the seaside on Tuesday.

Todays photo was taken just before we left for our little shopping excursion, Olivia loves being on her feet, although can’t get on them alone and still needs lots of support when she’s up, but in the last couple of weeks has started taking more and more steps with increasing confidence whilst her hands are being held. I don’t know when she’ll start walking, and we’re certainly not concerned about comparing her to other children, as each one is different and we know she will learn to walk in her own good time.

After sitting down to watch the German Grand Prix today, my sister turned up to ask me to help her put her car online to sell it. So with a few photos taken for her, and sticking it on a couple of free sites initially, that was ticked off, just in time for my friend to turn up with his wife to be, to discuss the details of their upcoming wedding next weekend. I am really looking forward to it, and driving between venues should be a minimum for a change, which will be nice.

I did find a few minutes to get in the garden and dig a few weeds up, and was thrilled to find some Italian Plum Tomatoes starting to grow. I can’t wait to turn some of these into a soup, especially as we have basil growing in the garden too!


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