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So what is Thursday all about then? Well it was the last day for the pupils at work, they have finished for the holidays meaning only staff are in tomorrow, with potentially a very busy morning ahead of us, as a lot of staff are moving classrooms. An annual ritual that no-one enjoys, but its something we have to do, and we’ll soon be settled in new rooms before we know it. Today has also been a day of particularly warm weather, the sun has been out all day and cycling home was a total sweatfest, although thankfully I have been drinking plenty of water due to the Clean 9 programme, and so didn’t become dehydrated. The weather forecast for tomorrow is suggesting extreme high temperatures across the UK, especially in London and the Midlands. I could cycle it, but as it happens I need to bring a few bulky items home from work, and so I will be taking the car tomorrow. With the high temperatures comes the challenge of keeping my plants healthy in the garden. The weeds seem totally unfazed by the heat, whereas the tomatoes are very over dramatic, a little bit like a football player who throws himself to the floor at the slightest tackle! Still, I do have tomatoes growing now, which I am quite excited about, I can’t wait to make some soup and pasta sauce out of them. Speaking of food, today has been Day 2 of my Clean 9 nutritional cleanse plan, and it was as difficult as people said it would be. The main problem is that in day 1 & 2 you feel lethargic and a bit hungry, but I have been told that by day 3, which is tomorrow, I can expect a turnaround and should start to feel more energetic and the hunger should start to disappear. Tomorrow is also my first weigh-in day since I started this, so hopefully I will see some encouraging results. Very much looking to tucking into some tasty fajitas tomorrow night, I can almost taste them now.

It was good to get home tonight, after cycling through the heat, and even feeling tired and hungry I still made the journey in good time. It helps having my daughter waiting at home for me, I get such a lovely smile when I walk in, its all the inspiration I need to get on that bike and pedal hard, no matter what. With the wife being late home from work again due to traffic and faulty traffic lights, it was down to me to think of something for Olivia for dinner. She is now eating so much better, although being frequently distracted by Peppa Pig on the tv, as seen in todays photo. I decided to make her my delicious Pizza Toast, which I was so very tempted to steal a few pieces of, but as I’m not allowed it on the nutritional cleanse, it meant dinner was quite safe for her.

Right, bed for me, lets just hope that having the windows open has cooled the room down a bit, its going to be a hot and sticky night!


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