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I can’t keep my eyes open tonight, so I am going to keep this short. Normally my Aloe drinks have kept my energy levels up, but today I started the Clean 9 programme, a 9 day detox and weight management system. This consists of Aloe gel drinks, shakes, and supplements, but in the first couple of days, most people report a lack of energy, until it starts to surge around day three. I certainly felt this lack of energy today, and cycling home was a bit of a mission. I have frequently felt a bit hungry, but nothing compared to what I thought I would, and the shake I had at lunchtime was delicious too! So I’ve made it through day one, and while my hunger has been kept under control, it hasn’t yet stopped my cravings, and I have been trying not to torture myself with things I cannot eat.

In other news today, we now own our new fence panels which were delivered today, ready and waiting to be fitted on monday, so that we will eventually have a gorgeous looking garden. Once the new fence is in place we can get plants down on that side of the garden without fear of them being trampled on when the fence is being put in. That’s the plan anyway!


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