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I wouldn’t consider myself an antisocial person, but I sometimes do miss just being able to switch off from the world for a while and stick on a pair of headphones. I’m guilty of trying to fill up my spare time with various things here and there, such as this project being one. It means that if I haven’t been productive enough during the day, I have to get it done before I go to bed and that can often be a late, last minute thing! My martial arts training also takes up an evening, although its not too bad during the summer as classes are closed during the summer holidays, which means I get my Tuesday evenings back for a few weeks. I am very much looking forward to next week, when not only do my summer holidays start, but the wife is also off for a week. We won’t be going away anywhere, but it will be lovely to have a few days to do things as a family. The first day will be spent at home whilst the fence panels in the back garden are replaced, as I will be helping and so can’t disappear off anywhere. These were damaged before we moved in, but suffered a lot during the storms earlier in the year. The garden needs to be tidy for Olivia’s first birthday in about 8 weeks time.

When I came home tonight, I was greeted with the usual smiles, which never fail to cheer me up, but today while getting some dinner ready, I decided to put her in her baby walker, which she hasn’t done much with yet, apart from push herself backwards into a wall… that was until today… she managed to push herself forwards the whole length of the kitchen, which I’ve never seen her do before. I was very impressed and very proud! Our little girl is just so good.


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