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“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”



Yeah, that was me getting out of bed this morning! Tough Mudder 2014 takes its toll. People have asked me about it, some just to see how I got on, others because I think were half considering if they might possibly be fit enough to complete it themselves. The thing with Tough Mudder is that you don’t need massive amounts of fitness or strength to compete, you just need a good team to support you, and at least not be totally unfamiliar with the gym. If however, you do any kind of running, cycling, swimming or something similar you will be in a really good place when you start. The other bonus of training is the recovery time, which will be significantly shorter compared to those who have done none. I think, apart from a few aches, I’d be feeling fine today, apart from a cold which I had before the event, which I guess is testament to the months and months of cycling I’ve done.

The only plan for today was one event, a celebration, the memory of my Aunt Val who was taken from us by cancer a year ago. She left behind three children, three of my numerous cousins who were all obviously devastated, but also relatively prepared for the eventuality. They have stuck together like glue and got through it only with the support of each other. One of them held a bbq to allow friends and family to get together to remember Val. This mornings rain threatened the day, but it soon gave way to sunshine and warmed the afternoon up so that everyone could enjoy being out in the garden, and in particular enjoy the release of balloons in memory of my aunt in her favourite colours, which was captured in todays photo. It was a lovely afternoon, if not a little disappointing that some of the family weren’t there, but that’s the thing with families, sometimes there is just no understanding them or reasoning with them. To think we used to such a close family when me and my cousins were growing up as children, but at some point along the line it started to fall apart. Very sad, but so much has changed since then, people have grown up and moved on. One of my cousins even removed me from facebook, after being close as children and growing up, and when I asked why she deleted me, she said “Well we’re strangers now, we don’t really know each other”. So I guess family actually counts for very little with some people, although thankfully that isn’t the case with all of them, as today proved. I may not see all of my family very often, but they mean a lot to me, and it appears that not all of them have given up on the idea either. I’d definitely like to consider myself a family man though, but no Peter Griffin jokes thank you very much. I do hope that as Olivia grows up, she gets to see plenty of the family, as the cousins who have now grown up and become adults with families, actually replace our parents and we tend to get together without them as our parents, the aunts and uncles of the family are generally the ones who didn’t get on very well together anyway, hopefully this may start to bring the family back together a little bit in the future. Still, I have a new family now, my own, an idea that started with a wedding, and was finalised with the arrival of my daughter. So whilst the family was always previously centred around my nan, that focus has now shifted since she became a great grandmother, and while still being a hugely important figure of the family, the family dynamics have changed and new family units will not centre around her quite so much, but more around our own parents as the families continue to mould, change and evolve into something new. Sad in one sense, but also exciting! The future has a lot to offer.


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