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“You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them.”


It finally arrived, the one day on the calendar that I really hadn’t been looking forward to, Tough Mudder 2014! I woke up this morning and still couldn’t tell you to this day what made me sign up for a second year in a row! We had a good team though, everyone with a reasonable level of fitness, enough to get round the course without too much fuss anyway. After picking up most of the team from work and driving them in the minibus to the house of our head teacher, who lives a short distance from the course venue, we got the whole team together and set of to register and head for the start line. The weather was warm and sunny, there was a certain fear of over heating, but the clouds soon rolled in and kept us cool enough to make it round without suffering. I have completed several half marathons to date, and this was a similar difference, but the difference being the obstacles that were set out to try and break us, mentally and physically. The clue was in the name I guess, but we all faced our fears head on, and some of the group really had to battle their demons. There was ice baths, electric shocks, swimming through rivers, leaping from heights into pools, scaling huge walls, and then all the running on top of that, all 12 miles of it! What a day! On top of which, after the day was done, I still had to drive the minibus all the way home! Our head teacher and his wife were kind enough to let everyone use their shower and then put on a fantastic feast for us, more food than we could possibly consume! The only downside to being a part of a team is that I was unable to control the timings of the day and we arrived home much, much later than I had anticipated, and was greeted by and very angry, and understandably so, wife! Yes I had promised I would be home much earlier than I actually was, but with the bus limited to 65mph, roadworks, starting the run late, and then waiting for everyone to shower before we could start food, it was just a much longer day than I could have anticipated, and the dvd/movie/wine/takeaway night that I had promised the wife never happened. I can totally understand why she was so disappointed, but its just the way things worked out today! Hopefully, at some point in the distant future she may forgive me!


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