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Well that’s another week done and dusted, and its been a bit of a busy one. I don’t get much time to slow down at the weekend either, because tomorrow its time for this…

Yes, its Tough Mudder 2014!

I still find it hard to believe that I have signed up for this for the second year in a row. Last year was, well for want of a better word… tough! Still, I have had nowhere near enough training, but then again I am running as part of a group who probably also haven’t trained enough, and so with all the cycling I’ve been doing, I at least think there won’t be a problem of keeping up with them! It will mean a reasonably early start and an hours drive over to Northampton, after picking up the rest of the team from work in one of the minibuses. I need to write down a list of things to take before I go to bed, as I will never remember everything in the morning, I know what I am like. Unless it is laid out somewhere blatantly obvious, there is only a 50/50 chance at best that I’ll remember it, and that’s if I am on time and not rushing!

Today was a day of trying to stay focussed at work, whilst feeling on the wind down to the summer holidays, which are now just over a week away. Six weeks of daddy day care, and a different kind of summer holiday compared to what I am used to. Normally it means six weeks of freedom, all the sleep I could need, and the chance to go away if I wanted to, but now life is different, in a fantastic way, and summer holidays, amongst other things, have changed forever! I have no idea what I am going to do with a toddler for six weeks, although thankfully the wife is off for the first week as well, which means that hopefully we can get out and do things as a family for a few days at least.

The photo for today was taken from the garden. I had wanted to get it a bit earlier when it was brighter outside, but after getting distracted, suddenly realised that it was quickly starting to get dark, and so I had to run with the camera to get this while there was still just about enough light outside. I have been slowly working on the garden over several months, trying to get weeds up, cut bushes down, and grow some flowers from seed, of which I have managed to plant a few. I have more seeds in the greenhouse that have started shooting up, which will need planting out soon, and hopefully the borders will have taken shape by the time Olivia’s first birthday party rolls around in two months time. Our other big job was the garden fence, which was broken before we moved in and was battered by the storms earlier in the year. The good news is that we now have wooden panels on order for it, which we will be fitting on the first day of the school holidays thanks to some help from my sisters partner. It means I can properly focus on that side of the garden when it is done, as I wasn’t wanting to plant much due to the risk of it being trampled on by the process of fitting fences. Hopefully I can get some more flowers down in time before the party takes place and we will have a half decent looking garden, although tonight I had to head out and tackle part of the garden with weed killer as the top of the garden by the greenhouse has become overgrown and slightly out of control. With us wanting to put decking down at the top, I need it cleared as soon as possible. The weedkiller is the only way, as I really don’t mind if nothing grows back there at all, as once we have decking down, I don’t want any green shoots of any kind popping up through it.

Right, quite literally a “tough” day ahead tomorrow, so I am off to bed now!

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