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I’d taken a beautiful photo of Olivia I was going to put up today, yes another one, and I thought “Meh, who’s going to mind?” No-one of course, but I did take a shot out of the window previous to that as I needed a bright background to check the sensor to see if it had any dust spots on. This can happen a lot when you have a camera where you keep taking one lens off to put another one on, and dust can get onto the sensor, its very annoying! Anyway, on reviewing the photo, I quite like the slightly abstract angle and the shape of the cloud formation. Its funny how you become a little obsessed with cloud formations when you are trying to complete a 365 project! Its also really nice, on days like today, to be looking up and seeing blue in the sky, especially when you get home and have to put the fan on. Its certainly a far cheaper alternative to getting home and having to put the heating on, which we seemed to be doing for a rather large portion of the start of this year!

My Aloe drink is almost out, so I have put in an order for some more, its really given me an extra boost that I needed today, after Olivia woke up numerous times around 5am, and mommy and daddy took it in turns to try and get her back to sleep. It felt like a bit of a long day, and I struggled a bit in the middle, but I still managed to cycle to and from work, even on as little sleep as I’d had! With today being strike action day, there were no kids in work, and a large number of staff off. Even after being repeatedly reminded, I keep forgetting to get signed up to the union and so couldn’t strike, even though I agreed with their cause. So it was a quiet day, although everyone was keeping themselves busy. It was a nice bonus to get out a few minutes earlier than normal though, and get home to see my daughter, even though she was a snotty mess this afternoon, having recently picked up a rare cold. She is almost a year old and this is only her second cold, where a lot of the babies in our antenatal group have already had numerous colds. I am not sure if this means our baby is healthier, if she’s just been exposed to less germs as the others have gone to baby groups, or if it means that they are likely to be more immune to colds when they’re older? Who knows!


Here’s a photo of my little monkey from today anyway, just because she’s so beautiful, even if she is a bit snotty! But… if she dares to pass those germs on as I start the six week holidays, she WILL be sleeping in the greenhouse!

NB If you work for social services, this will (probably) never happen, honest!


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