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We approach mid week, and much unlike the last four weeks, I am working again tomorrow, as it is now Clare’s turn to take wednesday off for a couple of weeks looking after Olivia, I am a little sad I guess, but at least I have six weeks off work with her to look forward to ahead of me!

I was pretty soaked from an unexpected rain shower on the way home, although with all the rumbling thunder we’d heard during the afternoon, it shouldn’t have come as much of a shock. Thankfully I was home before the rain got really heavy and was greeted by beaming smiles from Olivia again. The house is normally fairly quiet with the tv off when I walk in, so I do tend to give Olivia something to watch while I get her dinner ready, and put her Nick Jr on for her to watch a bit of Peppa Pig, which seems to be all the rage at the moment in the toddler fraternity. Before becoming a parent, I was highly skeptical of childrens programmes, assuring myself that they couldn’t be anywhere near as good as the programmes that I used to watch growing up, which in hindsight, must have been created by some very strange people who were taking an awful lot of drugs! Still, I loved the programmes that I grew up with, and still smile when I think of them now, although it is fair to say that some of the modern programmes really are attention grabbing for the little ones, and even have some of the parents captivated! The wife and I often find ourselves walking around the house whistling theme tunes from various kids shows! I wanted to include todays photo as its one we often see now with little missy hooked on the tv and even clapping and dancing to it now as well. As she is now into her 10th month, she is not yet walking or crawling, but it often spinning round in circles chasing toys while sat on the floor. I think she is soon going to find the urge to move around the house on her own!

Once Clare was home from work, and had finished telling me off for bringing Olivia outside under an umbrella to wait outside the house for mommy as she walks down the street, then it was time for me to grab my stuff, and head out for another Tuesday night training session in the jujitsu dojo. An hour of being thrown to the floor usually takes its toll on me on a Tuesday night, but with this mornings Aloe Vera drink still keeping me topped up on energy for most of the day, I was feeling great and ready to take the pain! It was nice that it was slightly cooler today and the dojo didn’t seem to be the sweatfest that it had turned into last week. Tuesday night does find me burning off extra calories though and working up a real appetite, and I have been stuffing myself all afternoon since I walked in from work. Its a good job we don’t keep more snacks in the house, as I would be finishing most of them off on days like today! Still, snacks are going to be banished soon as I kickstart my 9 day cleanse with the Clean 9 pack as soon as I order one. Cant wait to see the effects it is going to have on me after hearing so many great stories from people who have used it them selves! I will keep a daily diary on here and a record of the stats! If anyone is interested in joining me in losing lb’s, inches, having great healthy skin and feeling full of energy, let me know and I will order extra Clean 9 packs.


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