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“Many people would be surprised that, in fact, I’m quite shy.”


I didn’t plan tonights post with the intention of discussing how being a bit shy can make things really hard work, but recently I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone in order to make positive changes for the future, and things are very slowly starting to move forward. I am just very lucky to have a wonderful supportive wife, who has, and still continues to be amazing. If I want to try and do something, a new venture to try and make a difference, I never get confronted with “no”, or “you can’t do it” or “it won’t work”, and every day I thank my lucky stars that I have her in my life. Thank you Clare, you’re the best! I am also blessed to have a very encouraging and positive friend who is pushing me all the way and making a big difference in me believing in myself. She may not read this, but her help is appreciated all the same, thanks Michelle!

This morning was a tough battle, I was in bed so late last night after watching the Sky+ recording of the British Grand Prix, but its the one tv treat I allow myself, I genuinely don’t think I’d miss tv at all otherwise if we didn’t have one… well apart from Friday night movies! I was in bed super late, and struggled to drag myself out of bed this morning, but the Aloe Vera drink I keep taking every morning has worked wonders to keep my energy levels up and push me through the day! I can’t wait for the detox I have planned for later in the month, 9 days of feeling healthier and cleaner, and with a bit of luck I’ll have even more energy, less lb on the scales and less inches around the waist! The detox pack isn’t cheap, but I know it’ll be worth every penny. Very much looking forward to it, and I’ll be posting progress on here, for sure! Maybe even some before and after photos, who knows?


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