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Its late, and the weekend is now over, but I still have this to finish as I don’t think I’ll have much free time on Monday! So why am I up typing so late? Well its pretty much been a full on day since I got up, where I left the house early to meet my friend for a run around the reservoir. It was a slightly shorter run than usual, for him because a recent back injury was starting to hurt, but for me because I was literally running out of time before todays main feature, the wedding I was due to photograph. It was the sister of an old school friend of mine, a girl I have known for… oh my, 24 years… where does the time go? There was just time for a quick shower, before ironing my shirt and throwing my stuff in the car. I arrived in plenty of time, which I always like to do so that I can relax into the day a bit and run through a mental checklist of things to do, rather than rushing and being on the back foot all day. The wedding preparations went well, and the forecast for rain seemed to be disappearing by the minute as there was nothing but blue sky and sunshine with the odd white fluffy cloud outside the window. The ceremony and rest of the afternoon went very smoothly, and the rather brief 30 second few spots of rain did little to affect anyones mood as they were over before most people even noticed, and the blue sky and sunshine was soon back out. Todays photo was the lovely flower girl at the wedding, and although a little shy at the start of the day, soon warmed to having the camera pointing at her! After the band started and the first dance was done, it was time for me to head home and see the wife and spend a little time watching the British Grand Prix recorded from this afternoon, and then suddenly, its time for bed. What a day!


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