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Just one more day before the weekend, and what a day it is going to be, pretty full on from the word “go”! Today hasn’t been quite as busy, but it has been a productive day all the same. The weather forecast is suggesting change, but today was dry again and at least allowed me to cycle to work and back without getting wet. I can’t believe this school year is just days away from being over, 10 days left of the kids being in… well that’s if the predicted strike doesn’t go ahead, although the last one didn’t have any real impact on the running of the school! It has certainly been the fastest year in all the years I have spent working there, and that has been quite a few, and working with some great staff in the classroom has made all the difference. Quite the opposite to last year where just one person made the entire year drag and each day just feel uncomfortable. Thankfully I think there is a very good chance I won’t be working with them again! Next year I move classrooms, I have new staff and new kids, and it looks like a good team, although it will no doubt be challenging for the first few weeks as the kids inevitably weigh us up and try to work out where their boundaries are. Last year we made the message quite clear, boundaries are firm and resistance is futile! Making boundaries quite clear to them early on in the year, paved the way for a successful year and some excellent behaviour from the kids.

This evening was about getting our dinner and Olivia’s dinner ready as quickly as possible, before our visitors descended upon us. Recently, as I have mentioned before, I have started working on something from home, a little business, and this evening I had arranged a meeting to discuss the opportunity with an old friend, a chance for him to jump on board and join us, as he was perfect for the role. I had a colleague along to help me with the presentation, as I was still quite new to it, but it all went well and he signed up! Amazing news! I was over the moon.

In other news, day six of the morning Aloe Vera drink, its going well, and even though I only got five hours sleep last night, cycled to work and back today (uphill with the wind against me on the way home!), cooked when I got back, I still have plenty of energy spare at the end of the day. In fact I can’t believe how much energy this single, simple drink has given me! In the next few days I am looking to start my first 9 day detox with the wife, I will hopefully be feeling fitter, even more energetic I’ve been told and should hopefully shed a few pounds as well. If anyone is interested in joining me in the detox, then please do get in touch. It’s not easy and its much better if a few people do it to motivate each other, and to encourage each other on! With all the things I have going on at the moment, it has been time for my diary to make a reappearance. If I don’t end up writing stuff down, it doesn’t happen! Time management is important here, and something I need to work on.

Right, tomorrow is going to be quite literally bonkers, I need to be in bed!


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