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“Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known. ”


I personally think, that at either the start or end of every day you should stop and be thankful, be thankful for all that you have, no matter how much more you were hoping for! I for one am thankful everyday, no matter what good or bad things seem to come my way. I have a roof over my head, food in the cupboard, a wonderful wife and a beautiful baby daughter that has given my life true purpose! Today I got the opportunity to celebrate my wife, being her birthday… 21 yet again i’m told… and although she was due to be at work for the day, she managed to finish at lunchtime so that we could head out as a family for a bite to eat, even though it meant me paying! While she was at work this morning, I had to make the most of the time I had available to me. I am on day 4 or 5 of my aloe vera drinks and boy did it help, I felt like I was on fire this morning, there was no stopping me! Olivia was fed, and back to bed for her nap, I was showered and shaved, the kitchen was tidied, I’d got a recipe ready to make a birthday cake for the wife and a shopping list ready to pick it all up from the supermarket once the little lady was awake, and a number of other chores all done while she was asleep! Normally I’m not even dressed until closer to midday! Once Olivia was up, dressed and the supermarket shop was done, I made a start on the cake mix, but it was soon time for madams lunch, and Clare was due home just before she finished, so the cake was sadly not a surprise, and I had to finish it whilst Clare was at home. It was close though. Thankfully the card I ordered online arrived just in time, with the lunchtime post, as I was a bit nervous I’d left it a bit late to order. We enjoyed a lovely afternoon out, eating lunch al fresco in the garden of a nice rural pub we like to visit now and again, although, the standards weren’t quite what we were used to, but we’re not going to name and shame as they’re generally pretty good. I did email them to let them know, and I generally don’t like to complain, but if we don’t tell them, they can’t fix it, right? We’re used to some pretty good food there, and pay a bit more than the usual place we visit, so we want the food to be right, especially when its a birthday meal.

On the way home from eating we stopped at the in laws for a couple of hours, as they obviously wanted to see their daughter, before heading home to feed and bath a very tired little lady who was struggling to stay awake. As the wife was also going to be heading to bed for an early night anyway, I popped over to see my friends as one of them shares the same birthday as Clare. Its a very civilised evening these days, talking gardening, BBQs and work, a far cry from the Wednesday nights we used to spend on Broad St with 2 for 1 alcopops and 50p shots of vodka, all those years ago! Its a wonder how I ever got up for work the next day!

Still another birthday done and dusted, now just to focus on a very important first birthday in about 8 weeks time! The garden is slowly coming together for it, and from all the flower seeds I planted many weeks ago, have nurtured in the greenhouse and transplanted out to the garden, we now have our first flower! If it rains on the day, screw it, we’re having a BBQ anyway, I’m handing out umbrellas, they WILL enjoy my garden and appreciate my hard work!


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