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Tonights photo was taken late, in a virtually pitch black back garden, so I am quite impressed with how much detail is in it considering it was so dark. Although I really must stop leaving it so late to take photos if I am going to see this years worth of 365 photos through to the end, I am putting too much pressure on myself late at night to find a photo when I should be going to bed!

Today was super warm, and only a bit of cloud cover this afternoon stopped us all melting, although I was trying to get a good photo of the front of the school for the new school website, and so the cloud cover totally came at the wrong time. Today was a little frustrating one way or another, things didn’t go quite as I planned, but thats just the way it is sometimes. Generally it has been a good day and I have been feeling great all day, the aloe vera drink is really doing the trick, I can’t believe how much energy it has given me. I am really looking forward to the upcoming detox too, I have heard a lot of good things about it, and it looks like the wife might be joining me on it too!

I’ll be feeling a little guilty in the morning as it will actually be Clare’s birthday, yet I’ll be the one staying at home with Olivia while she goes off to work, but the good news is that she’ll finish early and we can head off out somewhere nice for lunch. One of our likely candidates is The Sun in Romsley, which has a lovely menu and garden, and with the weather forecast being for the hottest day of the year so far, I think we’ll most likely be heading there to eat lunch al fresco!


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