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Olivia's sleeping habits do make me chuckle sometimes, the sleeping on her front is a new one, that's only started in the last week or two, but today during her afternoon nap, she decided to roll her self round so she was lying across the cot instead of down it, feet touching one side and… Continue reading 212.365

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The end of a tiring day, and its fairly evident in my eyes. My bed is calling! Its day two of Daddy Day Care and trying to see how I can squeeze various chores into my day, and it isn't easy! I needed to take a trip out to Warwick to pick up some items… Continue reading 211.365

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Today one of the real draw backs of being a stay at home parent, suddenly became quite obvious, the ability to spend an entire morning getting very little done. Most of my activity seemed to be focused around Olivia's nap times, and its fair to say that my daughter likes her sleep, just like her… Continue reading 210.365

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My daughter the minion! So today was the first day of Daddy Day Care, and I managed to come out the other side of it having not broke the baby. I didn't know what to do with the day, but Olivia having some really big naps in both the morning and afternoon, pretty much made… Continue reading 209.365

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What a wonderful way to end the weekend, in the company of good friends, family, and with a few drinks too! We had an unusually early start today, all three of us were up before 6:30am all because the tiniest Vokes in the household decided she didn't want to sleep in any longer! It wasn't… Continue reading 208.365

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A really unfortunate start to today, needing energy and focus for todays wedding, but was for some reason awake at 5:30am and unable to get back to sleep. Maybe something to do with the heat overnight, very warm and stuffy even with the bedroom windows open, but it could also be something to do with… Continue reading 207.365

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Just a short post for Friday as I am well overdue on putting it up! The morning was spent tending to plants and flowers in the garden to pass the time while the mobile hairdresser was doing Clare's hair. It was another beautiful day out and so once Clare's hair was finished we decided to… Continue reading 206.365

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What a turnaround, yesterday I felt like death, a familiar feeling that I have had at least once a year for about the past six years or so, a virus. Usually I am bed ridden for two or three days, and often waking up soaked in sweat, yet here I am just 24 hours later,… Continue reading 205.365

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What should have been a wonderful day, with some lovely things planned, ended up being a bit of a disappointment. I woke up aching, thinking maybe a bit of sunburn had done that to me, but it got worse and worse as the day went on, everything started hurting. We went out anyway to make… Continue reading 204.365

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With the weather forecast looking, well, toasty for want of a better word, we decided it was time to hit the beach. I was fully expecting the motorways to be chaos and full of traffic jams... but no, none of that! We headed down to Barry Island in South Wales, for several reasons. Firstly, it… Continue reading 203.365