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What a day! The weekend has flown by and it has been wonderful, as it often is! Time with my two favourite ladies and I feel like I have been quite productive and even learnt something new along the way, I have even discovered the joy of Aloe Vera. Its a bit of a weird one, I grant you that, but I have been introduced to it by a friend and the benefits are immense. So far I am on an Aloe drink, which I won’t harp on about too much, but needless to say, in just a few days it has boosted my energy levels already and I feel fantastic!

Today I was looking forward to both a family BBQ and a business meeting, although sadly they overlapped, so I had to leave the BBQ early. I did manage to grab a couple of birthday before I went though! The weather forecast wasn’t great for today and it was a little cloudy and windy, but it stayed dry and the sun came out eventually, which always makes me happy when people have gone to the effort of putting a BBQ on, as we will be next weekend, so keep your fingers crossed for a sunny weekend for us! After the meeting I came home to a rather messy little daughter who had turned a cheese sandwich into a disaster zone, but she seemed to be enjoying it, so who am I to complain? There was just enough time before her bath for the three of us to head out for a walk while there was still a bit of sunshine in the sky. Poor little Olivia had so much fun with her cousins at the BBQ that she missed a lot of her nap time and was a very tired little lady this evening, so a quick bath and a bottle of milk and she was off to the land of nod. She is coming along leaps and bounds at the moment, and made mommy and daddy really proud this weekend by taking some proper steps while I held her hands. She loves standing up and being on her feet, although it will still be a while before she can do it on her own, but it was great to see those little feet moving and know they we are one step closer to our house being destroyed by tiny hands! Bring on the carnage!


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