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So what is Fridays message? Well today I met with a friend to discuss an opportunity for the future. Don’t get me wrong, my life is great, sure we could do with a few more pennies in the bank, but who couldn’t?! I have before me a chance to really make a difference in my life, and allow me to think about what the future actually means for me, rather than just watch it crawl towards me. For too long I have never really allowed myself to make dreams and have goals, life sometimes teaches you that some goals just aren’t achievable. My friend today, has helped me to change this mindset and believe that I can make the future better. It is going to take some work, and I am not even sure it will allow me the time to blog like I used to. So now I have to ask myself, what do I really want for the future for me and my family?

Before my meeting, today was a fairly standard day at work, although I was generally feeling more relaxed today having seen the weather forecast of heavy downpours and thunder, and opted to drive to work in the car rather than cycle, I just wasn’t in the mood to cycle home in a monsoon, although as it turned out it was dry and warm on the way home, there was even blue sky over me, and I felt a little cheated by it, although I didn’t get stuck in any traffic, which meant I was home in no time and not regretting taking the car too much! I don’t like to take the car very often as using the fuel defeats the object of having a bike and I feel terribly lazy for my lack of cardio workout when I arrive at work! I have to say though, at 4.40pm when I was getting ready to leave, the thought of just jumping into the car and cruising home was very nice indeed and made a lovely Friday treat for me. Once I was home, it was time to get dinner ready for the little lady, before throwing a pizza in the oven for myself, so I could eat it in the car on the way to my meeting.

After my meeting I was feeling inspired and nearly had all that sucked out of me on the way home by “bloody roadworks”!! Over a mile tailback, over an hour trying to to squeeze past the jam where all the cars, buses and lorries were trying to merge down to one lane… and for what? I’m pretty sure a mile of cones and huge tailbacks are not really necessary for two guys in a truck fixing a light on the hard shoulder! I am not even sure why they had to even shut one lane down, let alone two. And yeah sure, I’m all about how important their safety is, but really, that nightmare was totally avoidable! The diesel level was critially low and 40 minutes of stop/start have not helped matters at all! First thing in the morning is a trip to the petrol station to put in some much needed diesel!


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