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“What do you mean I’ve got something on my face?”

Mid week during June means one thing, a day off to look after the little lady whilst we sort our childcare arrangements out, and whilst its going to sting a bit in a few days when I get paid, the time off with her has been wonderful, especially while the sun is out.

Today I had a morning visit from my sister before heading out to visit my mom this afternoon as she can’t get about much due to her knee pain. I know its getting her down a bit, so I hope the docs can do something with it soon, but until they give us any indication its all still a bit of a waiting game. Still, having some company and also a visit from her granddaughter cheered her up a bit. I was on quite a strict schedule today as I had to leave my moms house at a particular time to catch up with another father, one of our antenatal friends who is currently off work on garden leave, but also sadly without wife and daughter today as they are staying with family while the house has some work done. We met up at a pub in Harborne called The Plough, which was a bit of a scruffy joint years ago, and looked like you’d just walked into an old persons living room until you spotted the bar. Now they have transformed it into this amazing place that is not only great to look at, and has been hugely extended, but has great food and beers, as well as being really cool and quirky! We only caught up for an hour today, and so grabbed a hot drink each instead of a beer, and mine came in a proper tea pot with a wooly tea pot cover, a big mug with a biscuit on the side and a mini bottle of milk. Its all about the little touches that makes me love this place! Unfortunately the little lady hadn’t slept enough today and was getting a little fidgety, so we headed off home to grab some dinner before she got too tired to eat. She really loves to feed herself, and so the simple cheese spread sandwich became a bit of a messy affair, promptly followed by a yoghurt just to add to the effect. Oh she’ll love this being printed and hung up on her 18th birthday, I’m sure of it! After a quick bath and bottle she was out for the count, and I took the chance to pop over and see my friends for a couple of hours. Its the sort of house you only visit if you don’t mind getting roped into doing some kind of chore when you’re there, which I inevitably do! Although it was inspiring to end the night discussing gardening and admiring the results of his hard work in his garden. Our garden is a long way from looking like that, but he does have a big head start on us, so I am not too concerned. Ours is still moving forward and the plan is still on track. There is sadly no fast forward with things like this, well not unless you have lots of spare change to throw at a team of gardeners, which we definitely do not have! Its just a matter of hard work, planning and patience!

Work beckons in the morning, I’d better call it a night and head to bed!


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