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As the clock approaches midnight I find I am stuck for a photo for today, its dark outside and there only so many photos of my daughter I can post on here! Still, I always knew there would be days like this, the trick is to keep going and not give up!

I don’t have a great deal to say about today, it went well apart from my phone and the pesky technology letting me down. One of the most advanced handsets on the market today, and the phone battery dies like an ant under a magnifying glass! I have been turning it off all day to preserve the battery, then as I leave work it drops from 15% to 9%, and then just a few seconds later turns itself off and refuses to come back on until I plug it in! Really Apple? You’re going to do this to me? Those Samsungs are looking more and more tempting at this rate!

I left work and cycled home as fast as I could, partly because I like to challenge myself to see how quick I can make the journey, and partly because I can’t wait to be home with my daughter. I know the in-laws like to get back after spending the whole day with her, so I don’t like to keep them waiting just because I left work late or took my time getting home! I came up with a new food item for her, instead of just cheese on toast, today I made for her dinner, PIZZATOAST! Similar to cheese on toast but with a tomato paste base, some sliced ham and a cheesy and italian herb topping! Sadly it was about as well received as a delivery of Mein Kampf in a jewish bookstore, but I think that either her teeth were playing up again, or she was tired, or maybe both. I’ll try her with that recipe again, I thought it was delicious!

Right, bed for me, I’m shattered!


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