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“The thought of going to sleep forever was delicious. I was so very tired.”


It was a real warm one today, so I was glad to have riden to work in my cycling tshirt rather than the usual jersey I wear. Our class teacher is still away on residential this week, but even though he is on the other side of the world I still managed to hook up with him for a chat on skype via the magic of the internet this afternoon, which was cool. The internet is so clever, it really is!

I arrived home this afternoon, a very sweaty mess, but my little lady was up and very happy to see daddy walk in the door, even if he was a little red in the face, and smelling a bit funky! After 10 minutes of cooling down in front of the fan, it was time to start getting the dinner read for Olivia, and also for the wife and me. While it was cooking we went outside the front of the house to watch for mommy walking down the street on her way home, its lovely to see her face light up in that moment of recognition when she works out who the figure walking towards her is!

My only real job for tonight was in the garden again, planting out some new flowers that I had grown from seed, only to find that half a dozen had been ruined by a neighbours cat who had just wandered into the garden, used my new flower bed as a toilet then kicked the soil everywhere, taking out a bunch of flowers that are now no longer useful, and only fit for the compost bin! So just a warning cat owners, what in my garden is mine… that includes your cat! When it comes into my garden next time and becomes my cat I shall rename it, and I will call it “Fair Game”… because that’s exactly what it will be if it tries that stunt again! It will also get to meet and play with my new cat friend, “brick”. It may be worth mentioning that Brick doesn’t really like cats much though. So, just to clarify and state the obvious here, if you’re cat doesn’t come into my garden again, then we won’t have this problem!

Still, the flowerbed is restored now, more flowers have been put down, and extra seeds planted and put in the greenhouse, ready for planting out in a few weeks, as I didn’t know how many I’d need. Dave also popped over to drop off the keys for the allotment, in case I get chance to go over while he is away on holiday. The chances are slim, I’ll admit, but I’ll give it a go if I find time! I took todays photo after watering all the flowers I had put down in the flower bed, and I was quite impressed considering how late it was. It stayed unusually light this evening and didn’t really start to go dark until way after 10pm! I only managed to get the shot by pushing the ISO up again, and risking the quality of the image, but it came out okay in the end!


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