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The sweet taste of Friday, the weekend is almost here. The weekend is going to be fairly simple, visiting a friend while Clare is out meeting hers on Saturday, and Sunday is all about the F1 Austrian GP. With the weather forecast being very encouraging, it will be a chance to get outdoors and either spend some time on the allotment or on the garden. There is plenty to be planted and we are running out of time to get it all down now.

Friday has been a beautiful and rather warm day, it was a rather hot ride home on the bike and I was keen to check the greenhouse as the door had been closed all day and I was worried about the plants inside being fried by the time I got home, but thankfully they were all okay, if not a little thirsty looking! Olivia has not had the greatest of days, not quite herself, sleeping lots and not drinking much water although it was warm. She had just woken up from another nap as I got home and was a bit grumpy for a while, but eventually came round just as the wife walked in, so it was dinner for Olivia, a quick bath and then back off to bed. Sleeping in thin layers and with her bedroom window open, hopefully she’ll get a better nights sleep. Before the night was over I wanted to get a new type of photograph taken, and so I set about preparing it. I’ll be honest, its not perfect, but I am still fairly happy with how it turned out, especially considering how little time I put into setting it up and the fact that I only had a few attempts at getting it right. So how did I do it? Well this may shed a little light on it for you…
Yup, thats it, nothing more glorious than a small fish tank and two speedlites. I had contemplated a black backdrop, but didn’t even need one in the end! I had to set the camera to manual mode, put it on a tripod and had to use a remote trigger to fire the shot as I stood next to the tank and dropped the apple in. There was no scientific timing, just a little luck! With the ISO set at just 100 and the aperture set at F/32 it meant that even with the lights on, very little light was going to be captured on the photograph, except that from the flash on the apple, hence the black background. Right, now for a movie and a glass of red wine that I am NOT going to drop all over the floor!


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