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“Rest and be thankful.”


A tough day, had no energy, well none that I was aware of when I woke up anyway. Yet I still managed to find some when it counted. After cycling to work I managed 20 minutes on the treadmill, I could have gone for longer, but its all I had time for. Its a good way to start the day, but today my already low batteries left me on the brink of falling asleep every time I sat still for more than five minutes. All I wanted was a little power nap, to put my feet up for 30 minutes and be able to shut my eyes. Sadly this is not much of an option, particularly on a Tuesday. I got home to relieve the mother in law so she could head home, and proceeded to make dinner for Olivia who was just waking up as I got in. I had to head out for training not long after Clare got home, so when dinner was ready she had to take over feeding Olivia. Ido enjoy my tuesday night jujitsu training session, but there are some weeks when I could just drop myself onto the sofa and think “not tonight!”. Sadly it takes a little more commitment than that, and I don’t like missing weeks without a good reason!

I got home to dinner waiting for me to reheat it, the good old Tuesday night stir fry that has become a regular for a while now. I also found out that Belgium had won he football match against one of the other teams in their group, which makes me happy as I’d bet £5 on Belgium winning the world cup, with an outside chance! Its almost certainly £5 I’ve thrown away, but I have heard several people talk about what a strong team they have, the dark horse of the world cup!

the wife has gone to bed early and I need to have been in bed about an hour ago, so I am heading up in a minute until, wait, what’s this…they’ve put Rambo on the tv?? Why would they do that? How am I supposed to go to bed now?? Damn them, I am going to have to give it a miss I think, I am totally shattered!


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