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With the new week comes a new attitude, the health plan finally has to kick in again. This means sensible eating and extra exercise. The last time I lost any weight, I managed to drop around a stone and a half, all with the help of a free iPhone app myfitnesspal. I used it to help monitor what I was eating and combine that with the exercise I was doing, which meant that the weight slowly began to fall off me, so I know I can do it again! The exercise isn’t a problem at all, I really enjoy exercise and I’d love to have the time to do more of it, the actual problem itself for me is dragging myself out of the house on time to the gym for a session on the treadmill, which I seem to be particularly bad at, at the moment. But then seeing as I cycle to and from work everyday anyway, I don’t like to beat myself up too much. But still, the plan is to cycle in and then hit the treadmill for 30 minutes, I just need to be out of the house on time and I’ll be fine. I know I will struggle on a Tuesday as its my most active day, on top of the cycling and running, after less than an hour at home to rest, I’ll have an hours jujitsu in the evening to drain my final ounce of strength!

Trying to maintain an exciting and varied 365 project is a little tricky when you have a very routine lifestyle in place, and with the arrival of our beautiful little girl our lives have become even more routine than they used to be! She needs feeding, bathing, milk bottles, regular bedtime etc, but one routine we’ve got into is when I get home we go for a little walk up the garden to the greenhouse so that she can help daddy water his plants, including this tomato plant which is one of 14 San Marzano plants that will hopefully give us some beautiful Italian Plum Tomatoes, and has already started flowering as you can see. Each flower should in theory turn into a tomato. I didn’t have much luck last year, but I think I planted all the seeds way too late and they started to flower during the autumn as the outdoor temperature started going noticeably down, so they never fruited! I am hoping for a lot more luck this year, and a decent crop of tomatoes, so fingers crossed for me! I also have a whole bunch of chillies growing, and I need to look into pickling them or something so that I can keep them for an extended period, unlike last years crop which have just withered away!


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