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“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”


Saturday morning began with a 10k run with my friend Rob who was thankfully over last weeks illness, and we had a great run, even though we had to repeatedly run past a group of people and numerous bunches of flowers taped to the rails that ran alongside the reservoir where earlier this week the body of a missing woman was found and dragged from the water. Still, it can’t have been considered as suspicious or surely they’d probably have closed the whole reservoir off to the public for investigations. Either way, it didn’t stop our run, and although neither of us had run much for a few weeks, we did a pretty good job and felt great afterwards. One thing about a Saturday morning run is that no matter what the weather, it always sets you up for the day ahead (and generally makes me feel a little less guilty about any Friday night overindulgence!).

The rest of the day was spent in the garden on weed duty, our green garden waste recycling bin had been emptied this week and it was my job to try and fill it back up. There was plenty in the garden to get rid of and a whole lot of roots to dig up from bushes that were no longer required. These required some extra special effort and it was soaked in sweat and covered in soil by the end of it, and I still have more to do. The weather was teasing me after a certain point and it kept starting to rain then stopping again, but with the wife heading out to evening mass at the church and leaving me responsible for bathing Olivia and getting her ready for bed, I had to call it a day in the garden at some point. By the time Olivia was ready for bed, the wife walked back in the door and it was suddenly time to start thinking about dinner. Where has our Saturday gone? After her bottle, Olivia was in bed, and I sat down with the wife to tuck into our pizza before pouring a drink and settling down for a film ahead of the England Vs Italy world cup game that was due to start at 11pm. Oh England, are you going to let us down as you continue to each time we enter the world cup??


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