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Well today I got a taste of what the summer is going to be like, today was daddy day care! It was just me and Olivia and a day to fill. I was off work as my mother, due to health reasons, is unable to fulfil her childcare promise to us. Totally not her fault, but it left us in a bit of a quandary! So after speaking to my very understanding boss, I managed to get a day a week off unpaid until we can get Olivia into childcare, which may be September at this rate! So I thought I’d make the most of today and asked a couple of friends over, two of my good friends who are a similar age to me and also both have baby daughters under a year old! We had a catch up over a hot drink and then headed off out for a walk in the Clent hills, just 10 minutes away in the car! The weather was perfect, with a bit of cloud cover for the babies, but warm enough that we didn’t need to bother with jumpers or coats or anything. We ended up going on quite a long walk and with all the hills involved, worked up quite a sweat and by the end of all, had three sleeping babies to carry back to the car! A couple of women walking the other way cooed and said what a lovely photo it would make, so we stopped her and handed over a camera phone to capture the three of us!
We parted company when we got back to the cars and I headed home so that Olivia could see her mommy and have some dinner. It was a lovely afternoon out. After me and Clare had eaten, I headed over to the allotment to see Dave and give him a hand getting some weeds up while he was planting things. That allotment is definitely looking better this year than it has done previously as we have so many more things down now, and are both trying to keep on top of it! With the sun setting and light starting to fade, I left Dave and then headed over to my friend Scotts house, where we often meet on a Wednesday now. His little boy is just a few months younger than Olivia, so it is nice to see him growing up too, and wonder if they’ll play together when they’re older!


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