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“Sunset is still my favourite colour, and rainbow is second.”


The start of a new week swings around again, and it was a nice morning to be out on the bike, warm and dry with little wind about. The local big traffic lights were out yet again though, and I held my breath going across them as no-one wants to give way to anyone, it is absolute carnage when the lights go out, and for some reason seems to be happening almost once a week in the last few months! There is simply no pushing your way through on a bicycle. Ironically I was hoping to get a reasonably early night and have been delayed as I was watching a tv programme called “Road Rage Britain: Caught On Camera” which heavily featured cyclists and the abuse the suffer at the hands of impatient and inconsiderate motorists who seem to have no good reason for their sheer hate of cyclists. Unlike a lot of recent programmes, it didn’t seem to be putting the blame on the cyclist this time and forcing them to swap places with the poor car and van drivers who have to put up with these two wheeled menaces taking up all their road, to see what stress they put said poor unfortunate drivers through! So now I am behind on writing up this blog and also a few other jobs I needed to get done tonight. With the wife back at work, my routine once I am home from work has changed completely and instead of addressing the jobs I know I need to do, my first priority is actually preparing dinner for my daughter and feeding her. Tonight I didn’t even get changed out of my cycling clothes until 8pm, I’d been in them for two and a half hours after I got home! I probably didn’t smell the freshest either after the particularly sunny and warm ride home that I had, the sun seemed to come out quite suddenly and warm everything up!

One thing today will be remembered for though, will be the death of the tv legend Rik Mayall who was taken suddenly at the young age of 56. Apparently the cause has not yet been established, although it is not being considered suspicious, which can only mean one thing really… most likely a heart attack. Sad news, the man inspired and will be missed by many, it was hard to not like him! Facebook was this evening chock full of people’s personal tributes to him, although I did not participate in this social media tradition that begins as soon as someone famous dies, as I really don’t see the point, his family aren’t going to read my facebook page, they won’t know what I think and I’m pretty sure none of my friends are going to be interested in what I think or even learn anything from my rambling thoughts about an actor I had never met or even discussed previously. Its not that I don’t care, he will be hugely missed, I just don’t entirely see the point in these kind of things. It is fair to say that facebook is a truly weird and wonderful creation, and can bring out such strange opinions and sides to us all! Its kinda hard to think that one day it may not be here, but what on earth do you replace it with? What can be bigger than facebook? I think we have got to a point where we all need something like this in our life, some kind of social media that we can all join and all be a part of. Right now, it feels like no matter how much it annoys us, there is no alternative for us to switch to. I’m sure that somewhere in a dark bedroom in the corner of some dark city, that someone is busily tapping away working on an alternative, that will not only pay their rent debt but change their life forever in a zuckerberg style way! Its also fair to say that facebook has changed the internet forever, and even the film Social Media about zuckerbergs rise from zero to hero is a good watch.

Right, bed for me, I have a busy morning ahead of me tomorrow!


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