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We were woken up this morning with a rather lively thunderstorm, I haven’t seen so many flashes of lightning in a single storm before, on top of the monsoon style rain that was coming down. It soon had me out of bed and at the window, I love a good thunderstorm! It died away after about an hour and the rain carried on throughout the morning, eventually breaking with a few sunny spells. We had planned to visit friends today, who had to postpone our visit due to family staying with them, and so we went to plan B which was to visit my mom at some point, but as she has not been able to get out of the house much and go very far we decided to pick her up and bring her over to us instead, which she was very grateful for. They stayed for the afternoon, had some dinner and spent some quality time with Olivia before I dropped them home in the evening. I had a little time to get in the greenhouse and make sure everything was looking good before it got too dark. My friend had sent me a pub call text message in the afternoon, and although I was up for it I didn’t want to just abandon the wife, so I invited him round for a few beers at our house beforehand so we could leave for the pub a bit later on instead. Invariably it was yet another late night, but its nice to know that having met each other at 12 years old, gone through school together and stayed in touch after all these years that we ended up living walking distance from each other with a nice local pub around the corner and can easily catch up on a regular basis.

For the photography nerds, you may see a bit of noise in the background as the light was starting to fail in this shot and as I was using natural light and the aperture was already at its maximum f/2.8 I had no choice but to push the sensor sensitivity up to ISO 2000 and I think its handled it fairly well!


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