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“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”


Heavy rain was forecast for today, and that was exactly what we got… all… day… long!! I opted to take the car into work today, I just couldn’t face getting totally drenched. I don’t mind a bit of rain, particularly when I have suitable mudguards and appropriate clothing, but with (still) broken mudguards and overshoe protectors to keep my feet dry that have a broken zip, I was going to be soaked through to the skin.

The wife stayed at home today, with my mother now unable to carry out the childminding duties due to unforeseen circumstances, we had little choice but to try and make alternative temporary arrangements. I can’t lie, it hasn’t been easy, and we are asking some big favours from people, but we don’t have many immediate options, and the longer term solutions need time to be properly investigated before we commit to them. Its looking extremely likely that we will have to explore the nursery route, which isn’t ideal and won’t be cheap. However, on a plus side, our nearest one has some vacancies at the moment and also has an outstanding ofsted report and this could be a great opportunity for Olivia to gain greater social skills by mixing with other children, which she does already of course, but on a smaller and infrequent basis, and also for her to have the chance to be more creative with art and messy play and the likes. So now its just a case of finding the right place for her, and getting the chance to visit a few nurseries to see if we are happy with them and see when they can get her in. I guess, as others had warned us, bringing up a baby is easy, but now the real parenting starts, when they start to move from babies to toddlers to children and you have to entrust other people to look after them and educate them. Now I really know what people mean when they say “She’ll always be my little baby”, letting go is hard. Does she really have to grow up?? In just a few hours from now, our little girl turns 9 months old. 9 months. How did that happen? I remember wondering where 6 weeks had gone, back at the start! Today my wife sent me a text message, a rather excited one, telling me that Olivia has now cut a new tooth, this time in her top gum! She is looking older and more like a proper little girl than a baby with each passing day! She makes me very proud, but damn I’m starting to feel old!


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