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Feeling a little bit brighter today, even though our little lady was up at 3am, apparently not very interested in sleep. I knew the wife needed more sleep than I did, as I tend to cope on less sleep anyway (as some of you may have noticed from the time of the day that some of these posts get updated!) and so while she was trying to soothe Olivia, I went in and took over from her and sent her back to bed. Olivia was seemingly very awake, and I thought the soothing wasn’t having much of an effect, which was confirmed when I decided to just try putting her down and walking out of the room. Much to my surprise though, the crying and whinging only lasted a minute and, thumb in, she was soon on her way back off to sleep, apparently the soothing must have had some effect after all!

The day was fine and one of my concerns from yesterday was my mothers health combined with the impact it had on her decision to look after Olivia for us while we were both at work, for the two days that Clare’s mom couldn’t do. Severe arthritis means that she is currently struggling to get about at home, let alone be abke to pick up a baby. Which leaves us in a bit of a spot! Thankfully, Clare has managed to get two days off work for this weeks while we try to address the issue, and I got to speak to our head teacher at the end of the day, who is helping to support me in a temporary change of my hours until we get a resolution to our child care situation! He’s a good guy, and will always do what he can to help people out. His decision was a bit of a surprise as I didn’t think there would be much he could do to help, but his help was truly appreciated and has take a massive strain off us for now.

Cycling home and coming onto our road, it was lovely to see Olivia in the window with her nanny waiting for me to appear around the corner, while I was waving like a lunatic. She has been such a good baby for the last two days while her nanny has been looking after her, we really are so lucky to have such a placid baby! After I had been out to my weekly jujitsu sesson, and come home, I was asked by Clare about possible free weekends where we could meet up with all the other antenatal moms and dads, for a picnic to celebrate all the babies first birthdays, as and when they appear. I am hoping to get a nice group shot of them all, as we never really got a group shot of them in the first place when they were so little. So fingers crossed we have some nice weather ahead of us!


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