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Yeah this photo roughly sums up how inspired I am to take a picture at the moment. I don’t generally dislike mondays that much, but today just seems to have been a day where one thing after another has gone wrong or annoyed me! It wasn’t a great start to the day with Olivia being handed over to her nan as Clare had to return to work, it was emotional, although it comes as no surprise that Olivia behaved all day, as she usually does, which was a big relief! My day at work wasn’t all that bad itself, but it just seems to have gone downhill since I got home. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to see the daughter and the wife, but I have numerous things on my mind including some bad news that was dumped on us this afternoon, and feeling sad about Clare going back to work hasn’t helped. I’m just lucky I have a fantastic understanding wife, and even had the benefit of a hearty man hug from my good friend Alan who swung by this evening to drop off the camera he borrowed for his recent trip to Namibia!

I’m off to bed, hoping I’ll wake up feeling a bit more positive in the morning!


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