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“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”


So maternity leave draws to a close for the wife, its a sad day, I can’t lie. There isn’t much we could do about it, so I decided to go out for a river side stroll to take our mind off it. Before we could go out we had to wait for our friend to drop round to return a lens she had borrowed from me. She turned up with her little boy and stayed for a cup of tea and a chat, and hopefully we have arranged a dinner date with them for next weekend, which will also double as a celebratory meal to mark her new job role. When she left, we jumped in the car and headed out to Bewdley, which is a lovely little village on the river Severn where we could grab a spot of lunch and take a stroll by the river in the sunshine, making sure to keep our little lady covered up as apparently she has inherited her mothers pale and pastey irish genes and can burn in almost no time at all! Parking was limited, as its a popular little place, but we found a spot and took a stroll looking for somewhere to eat, and it wasn’t long before we found a riverside cafe. The menu looked good and because everyone wanted to sit outside in the sunshine, we easily got a table inside where there was room to feed Olivia in her pushchair. After eating we went for a little walk and ended up bumping into some of my photographer friends, and stopped to say hello. Before we left there was time to find a shady spot and sit by the river for a little while, it was a lovely way to relax on a Sunday afternoon and Olivia was making us laugh with her funny looks and silly noises, she seems to develop her personality more and more each day! We were due to have lunch with the in laws, but stopped in a Clare’s brothers on the way there for a short while. It was lovely to see Olivia even more aware of her cousins, and see her newest cousin growing up fast, another girl for her to play with when they get a little older! After lunch and a cup of tea with the in-laws we headed home and put Olivia to bed before I headed out to meet Dave on the allotment. I had some more plants from the greenhouse to go in the ground, after we’d spent a while trying to remove some of the many weeds that have thrived over the last couple of weeks with the big mix of rain and sunshine! We now have another 14 cauliflowers in the ground, which I am looking forward to harvesting later in the year. There is much more yet to be taken from the greenhouse and planted on the allotment such as asparagus and cucumber, but they will have to wait until another day! At the moment the allotment is a little overrun with weeds, although this should only be temporary, and we did make a big dent in them today.

Todays photo was taken from the riverside today, not the most amazing photo anyone has seem, but more of a little experiment. The main bridge over the river Severn carries a lot of traffic, but I wanted to see a test of a little technique that I had found for removing people and objects from photos, which seemed to work pretty well. It takes multiple images of the same scene and overlays them so that anything that moves is removed.


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