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“your best camera is the one you have with you”


Normally the weekend is a celebration for me, but this one marks the end of a week off work and the end of Clare’s maternity leave as she is back to work on Monday, which neither of us are happy about. We decided to leave Olivia with my mom for a few hours to get my mom used to looking after Olivia while we aren’t there, as she’s not had her much on her own until now. She’ll be fine I’m sure, but she has a very bad knee which is causing us a bit of concern, so we just need to see if any problems crop up and work out how we deal with them. As it turned out, she was fine, although me and Clare did miss her, even just for a few hours and so we’re glad to have her home again. I was also quite glad to pick my phone back up which I’d left at my moms when I first dropped Olivia off. I felt a bit lost without it, especially as I was supposed to be meeting friends that evening! We got Olivia ready for bed, but with just enough time for Clare to put her in the back of the car and drop me into town to meet a couple of old school friends for a bite to eat and a few beers. We had a lovely night, and for anyone in the Birmingham area who likes their Mexican, I can’t recommend Chilacas in Brindley Place enough, great little hidden gem. Great food, great service and great prices! I’ll be going back there again, for sure! Normally I end up getting fleeced by taxi drivers on the way home, but as my friends were getting the last train back to Solihull, this time I managed to get the last bus for a mere £2.20 instead of the usual £15-20 depending on how drunk they think you are and how much they think they can get away with asking you for!


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