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Daddy day care!


Somehow we managed a monster lie in this morning, either Olivia went back to sleep or was just lying quietly awake on her cot allowing us a little longer in bed. She was awake when I got up and went in, but bless her, she just doesn’t cry when she wakes up! Today was the day when Clare took her mother up to Manchester for the Coronation Street tour, and I was left alone with Olivia all day, which I think is the first time I have looked after her all day by myself. A totally easy job, but yet still somewhat intimidating, I think not because I don’t think I can look after her, but more because Clare has all her routines and knows exactly where everything that Olivia needs is, mostly because she probably put it there! The day went fine, and Olivia was a dream to look after, and it was nice to spend some quality time with her, even if we didn’t get to go out anywhere as we didn’t have a car, Clare had needed it to take her mother to Manchester! I’d considered going out for a walk with Olivia, but it pretty much rained all day, pesky British weather! We stayed in instead, and I was hoping to get a few things done around the house, but was waiting for Olivia to get tired and take her afternoon nap, which never happened, and it seemed that just one nap this morning was enough for her. I fed her lunch and dinner and gave her a bath before getting her ready for bed and waiting for her last bottle of milk of the day, just as Clare returned home and walked in the door, bearing gifts of chocolate and beer. Olivia gave a big beaming smile to see her mom walk in, a smile which we never get tired of seeing! With Olivia in bed and asleep we both tucked into some fajitas and a drink.


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