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So whats new today? What has been happening in the Vokes family? Well the weather has been awful, and put a real dampener on my plans! I was hoping to take a drive out to the little riverside village of Bewdley for a stroll and maybe some lunch, but the rain was relentless and heavy! It became clear early on in the day, that we wouldn’t be walking anywhere today! The wife and her mother were having their hair done this morning and their hairdresser turned up around 11am, so I left them to it. Depending on what they have done, its often no less than an hour before they’re finished. Once they were done, I decided that we could at least head out somewhere local for lunch, and make the most of the week off even if the weather did suck! I had the idea to try a bar/restaurant that we’d visited for a kids birthday party recently, where the menu looked tempting. The place was fairly empty so the service was quick, and friendly too and there wasn’t much of a wait for the food once we’d ordered thankfully. Sadly the food could only be described as “satisfactory”, it was okay. Its fair to say that it was reasonable value for money, but it wasn’t the greatest meal I’ve ever had. Would I go back? You know what, yeah I’d give it a second chance. They had plenty of high chairs, so Olivia could easily sit with us, where she ate all her dinner and was very well behaved. Once we got home though, she became a bit clingy and we had to work for those smiles, they didn’t come easy! She hasn’t been quite herself this week, and this afternoon required lots of cuddles and leaving her sitting on my chest as I lay down to keep her happy. I gave the wife my camera and got her to take todays photo for me, as this is how I will remember today, with the little person sat on top of me.


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