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“You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for.”

The bank holiday has now been and gone and we continue to fly through the week, with Clare’s return to work bearing down on us. I had totally forgotten about a trade exhibition I had put my name down for, the Newborn Photography Show, which was being hosted by the Botanical Gardens. Its an area of photography I have considered making a move into as it is less time intensive than a wedding, and if I shoot from home then I don’t need to deprive the wife of a car for the entire day (not including the pre-wedding meetings with the couple!). It is going to take an initial outlay to set up and get the minimum necessary kit to begin with, and I’ll need to get myself on some courses, but if it goes well then it could perhaps end up helping to give Clare a little longer off work when baby number 2 appears at some point in the future (please note that this is NOT an announcement, and the wife is not pregnant!). Its a plan anyway, and I believe you need to have something to focus on to move forward. As the quote says; “The poorest man in the world is the man without a dream.”

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

The show was inspiring and I could easily have spent a small fortune in there, I really have to hold myself back at these kind of events as it is easy to get carried away. I did bump into another photographer friend while I was there, someone I got to know through a photography group I created on Facebook. She has built up her own successful newborn photography company and is doing really well for herself. She is still, even now, learning about photography and makes mistakes, yet her business continues to thrive. Proof that hard work and dedication pays off in the end! There was the usual kind of stands at the show, album companies, framing companies, printing companies, all the kind of people I saw two months ago at the Photography Show at the NEC, so I didn’t need to hang around all day, but it did give me some ideas!

As we had no further plans for today, we decided to head out and do a bit of shopping to get some new work clothes for Clare. We ended up at Merry Hill, and as much as I like Birmingham and the Bull Ring, the traffic can be a nightmare and the parking can cost a fortune. Merry Hill is quick and easy to get to and the parking is free. We had a wonder round and Olivia just wasn’t herself again today, so I had to carry her a number of times, especially while we waited for Clare trying on various items in the changing rooms. The other benefit of Merry Hill is their baby changing facility, which really makes parents feel truly welcomed, they even provide bottle warming facilities and microwaves and a place to feed the babies, so madam got her milk on time! You definitely do take a different outlook on things when you have to go places as a parent now, and I get especially angry about ignorant drivers abusing parent and child parking spaces, to the point I become almost irrational in my hate for them. Why do I care so much when there are other spaces available? Or more importantly, will anyone see me if I punch them in the face?? I definitely don’t want to become one of those parents who charges with almost blissful ignorance or sheer determination, undeterred through a crowd with their buggy, totally prepared to take out the ankles of any poor shopper who doesn’t move out of the way in time. We do take the buggy out, but I also quite like the convenience and freedom of the chest harness we have that makes awkward terrains or crowds much easier to negotiate. Although our little chunk won’t be in that for much longer as she continues to put on weight. Clare took her to be weighed today while I was out at the botanical gardens, and even though she hasn’t finished all her bottles or eaten all her meals, she is still perfectly on track with her weight! Its a good job really, as meal time today was especially difficult with Olivia pretty much refusing everything. I guess we can only put it down to another off day.

The evening meant only one thing, more training in the samurai jujitsu dojo! Being the end of the month meant pad work again, the once a month chance to actually make contact and use a bit of power. Great for when you’ve had a bad day at the office!

Now I am home again and after stuffing myself on the wife’s delicious stir fry, and settling down to watch The Day After Tomorrow, I may just treat myself to a little Jim Beam and coke as its technically not a school night! Salute… as the Italians say!


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