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“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”


Sundays plans didn’t exactly come together in the end. One of the things about having children is that you quickly need to learn to adapt and be flexible. Plans are no longer written in ink, but instead written in pencil with an eraser close by! We had a birthday buffet and drinks to attend and the postponed bbq still an option. Clare was going to the buffet regardless and I was undecided, but had asked my mom to look after Olivia for a couple of hours anyway. Olivia herself has had a cold for a few days, not a huge concern for us, but it has also brought a cough along with it, and Olivia has been quite chesty and rattly with it, especially at night. We didn’t want to worry and gave it a few days to improve, although not much seemed to change, and with the doctors closed over the weekend and bank holiday we had little choice but to take her to the walk in medical centre, which was not surprisingly packed out when we walked in, and resulted in a two hour wait for us. The plus side, Olivia was an angel, smiling and waving at everyone and putting a smile on a lot of peoples faces. She got a little bored towards the end, but taking her for a walk around to satisfy her nosey nature soon fixed that. On the negative side, we missed both the buffet AND the bbq, and so lunch totally went out of the window for us! When we were done, I dropped Clare into town to catch up with her friends so she could at least have a couple of drinks with them, even though she missed the food, while I went over to see my mother, and let her see Olivia for a bit. I picked up Clare on the way home and sat down to watch the F1 Monaco Grand Prix that I had recorded along with a couple of beers and snacks as compensation for missing lunch! By the time the race was over I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and all hopes of blogging had gone out of the window, I was just grateful to crawl into my bed and be able to turn the alarm clock off! I did manage to capture this shot before I dragged myself upstair, a low light macro shot of a flower illuminated only by a lamp, and taken with the ISO pushed up to 3200 to see if I could get away with it.


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