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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”


I enjoyed a little bit of a lie in this morning, as Olivia had woken early and gone back to sleep for a bit, so for me 8am is a lie in. I got up to change her and take her downstairs when the house phone started ringing. The house phone only rings when one of the mothers calls, and at 8am this had me worried straight away! Thankfully it was only the Asda delivery driver saying he was going to be early, panic over! We decided to spend our bank holiday doing a few chores, myself in the garden and Clare cleaning the house. We decided to break the afternoon up with a drive out to the shops, and look for some new work clothes for Clare’s imminent return to work, but ended buying some bits for Olivia instead. Whilst wondering round the supermarket we bumped into our old neighbour and stopped to say hello, before heading off home to feed the little lady. Dinner time for Olivia was going to get a bit messy as we are trying to encourage her to feed herself, and food quite literally got everywhere, but it was worth it as she seemed to be enjoying herself. Clare had to pop out and so that left me to give Olivia a much needed bath after her rather messy dinner time. She went to sleep really easily and this gave me a chance to get back out in the garden and do a bit of work in the greenhouse sorting out the tomato and chilli plants!

With regards to todays photo, I have noticed with the arrival of summer there have been an awful lot of flies buzzing around the house which annoys me immensely. I have also noticed a couple of spiders appear, as often happens in a house, and usually these are humanely captured and just tossed into the garden. I had noticed one such spider today and was about to rehome him in the garden when I was distracted by this pesky fly… who knew the two would meet?! The spider did me a great favour and stopped the fly in his tracks, and then promptly disappeared, so I figured I’d cut him some slack and leave him to it. I’ll get him tomorrow instead!

Apologies to those who don’t like spiders… don’t forget they’re on our side though!


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