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“Fun with the family”


I was hoping for a quiet start to Saturday morning, but was soon reminded that having a baby doesn’t always allow that! I had promised the wife a lie in and that I’d deal with Olivia and let her catch up on some sleep after a few disturbed nights, which she was truly grateful about. I like to try and run on a Saturday when I can with my friend, but my legs were aching and very tired on Friday whilst cycling, and after a few late nights during the week I just wasn’t feeling it, so we managed to rearrange the run for Sunday morning instead. This afternoons BBQ at another friends house was also postponed until Sunday due to the forecast showing heavy rain all day, which meant we were now free to go to a family 1st birthday party. Todays photo is Olivia with what I call my uncle Keith, although not technically my uncle. His wife Maureen was my dads cousin, so I’m not entirely sure what that makes me, and their son and daughter, Gary & Tracey, who are a similar age to me… um, well its anyones guess really! I still call them cousins though, its easier! Today was Gary’s daughters 1st birthday, and thankfully the heavy rain eventually gave way to some sunshine for them, which made the day seem even nicer and allowed the kids to go and play outside. We made our way home in time to give Olivia her dinner and waited for the in-laws to come round and take over on baby sitting duty while we walked round to our friends for a takeaway. We had a couple of drinks and managed to order and eat dinner before the phone rang and we were told that Olivia was awake and upset and they were struggling to settle her. She hasn’t been herself this week, a bit of a cold and a bad chest, which seems worse when she’s lying down. We thanked our hosts, said goodbye and took a quick walk home. I managed to settle Olivia and get her to sleep thankfully, a trip to the doctors may be in order as her chest doesn’t seem to be improving much. With Olivia settled and asleep, the wife decided that a few glasses of wine was enough to send her off to bed too. So me and Dave managed to head back out to the pub just in time for last orders. It was a shame the evening didn’t pan out the way we planned, but thats part and parcel of having children and we’re just glad to have a baby that generally sleeps so well 99% of the time!


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