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The end of another half term and the end of the week, its finally Friday and getting home felt really good. For the second day in a row it was raining heavily and just to add a bit of fun to the mix it was also quite windy, yay… my two absolute favourite conditions for cycling in, no really! Yeah okay, maybe not! I was quite literally soaked through to the bone when I walked in the house, and needed a complete change of clothes, right down to the smalls! My wife assumed I’d be grumpy as I walked in because of the bad weather, but far from it, I was just grateful to see the beautiful faces of my two favourite ladies and know that I had not only the weekend with them, but an entire week ahead of us! We don’t currently have many plans for the week, but I think that’s a good thing, we often try and make plans, but this week I don’t want to be so busy that the week is actually over before we know it, for this week I’d actually just like to take each day as it comes and be free to visit people as and when we like. There are a couple of plans we already have, like Thursday when I am Daddy Day Care, as the wife and mother in law head off to Manchester for her Mothers Day present, the Coronation Street tour. Then on Friday we head off to Bristol Zoo to meet our friends from Devon for a day out together at a rough half way point between the two houses. Now we have the new car, with its six-speed diesel engine, I am actually quite looking forward to putting a few motorway miles underneath it! I don’t think the weather is going to be especially summery this week, so I can’t see us getting out and about a whole lot, but I am quite sure it will be a great week all the same.

Sadly today was yet another day where I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with Olivia as I was due to head back out for a meal with some work colleagues that I had forgotten all about. It was a fairly fancy restaurant in the city, but the food was reasonably priced considering its location and it tasted good. I decided to drive on this occasion and pick up one of the guys who lived nearby on the way. I knew it wouldn’t be a late night, and as a result it wasn’t like I was going to do a whole lot of drinking anyway. It was nice to be home at a sensible time to see the wife, even though she was struggling to keep her eyes open and was soon off to bed. It won’t be long before I am doing the same!


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