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“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.”

The week is yet again coming to an end and my to-do list doesn’t seem to be shrinking at all, there are some priority jobs that need attending to pronto, and a bunch of stuff that I seem to be putting off on an almost daily basis. I’m just glad that I am off next week to finally do something about these jobs, although it is just as important to be spending some time with the wife and daughter whenever I get the chance. We don’t have many days out planned, apart from a trip to Bristol Zoo, and although the weather looks as though it may be against us for most of the week, we need to make an effort anyway, even if it does end up being a cold and wet day! Its all about spending time together!

The forecast for today wasn’t great but I managed to cycle into work without getting wet, and inevitably end up spending the day in dry clothes, I had my hopes up to be able to get home the same way too. Sadly Mother Nature had other ideas and gave me a proper good soaking on the way home and I was drenched right through to the skin by the time I got home, but it did feel really good to slip into a few nice dry clothes.

Sadly it was down to the wife again to put Olivia to bed, as I had to pop out and meet a couple about their wedding plans, as we are only about 6 weeks away from their big day. Usually I have this meeting at the couples house, but they wanted to me meet me at the venue. It was a gorgeous place and the meeting went very well. I decided to stop off on the way home and see my mom for a bit for a cup of tea, although it was getting starting to get a bit late, so I really couldn’t stay much longer, with stuff to be getting on with when I got home. I managed to take todays photo at the hotel before I left, I could have spent hours there taking photos, but the sun was close to setting.

Strangely enough it is now almost midnight, I am ready for bed, and my to-do list still hasn’t got any shorter!!


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