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Like most people who have had one baby, I am an expert on everything and will tell you, unsolicited, how to raise your kid!”
Our poor little lady just isn’t herself at the moment. We have seen a lot more tears in the last few days than normal, and she just doesn’t seem that interested in her meals. This is all very new for us, having been used to such a placid baby. We’re still getting a lot of the smiles and laughing, but not quite as many as we’re used to seeing. Tonight I came home from work and I was in the house just minutes before the crying started, she was sat in her high chair, yet again refusing to eat dinner, and so we gave up and tried to console her. It wasn’t more than 15 minutes before she was lying across my chest fast asleep and didn’t wake up for another 45 minutes! The poor little mite was absolutely exhausted, and this was just an hour or so from bedtime. Last night she was coughing a lot, sounding quite chesty and clearly has a cold too, its just a whole lot of no fun seeing her like this. I just hope she gets over it quickly and gets her appetite back soon. From quite a young age she became disinterested in having a dummy, and has happily replaced it with her thumb, which I hope she grows out of quickly, but she only normally sticks her thumb in when she is very tired, so we’re not hugely concerned about it at the moment.

I unfortunately missed Olivia going to bed as I had to pop out and run a couple of errands, before popping over to see my friends for an hour or so. Tomorrow night I will miss her going to bed again as I have a meeting with a couple to meet them at the venue and discuss their wedding day plans. There kind of meetings generally don’t take too long, but I do wish I could at least put Olivia to bed before I have rush out of the door. The weather forecast is looking grim for tomorrow as well, I am not looking forward to cycling if we get all the rain that has been forecast as I still haven’t got round to replacing the mud guards on my bike yet. This could mean a real soaking, as the spray from the road is far worse than the actual rain that comes down! The rain itself doesn’t bother me too much, but the spray is literally like standing in the shower fully clothed, there’s only so much even a waterproof coat can withstand before it gives in and you are soaked through to the skin! Still, only two more days to go before we have another week off, which will sadly be Clare’s last week before she has to go back to work! Sad times!


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